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Hello everyone,

Here are some changes that will change game play a little.

Here are examples of tasks that are usually too
incidental to require an action.
• Speaking
• Drawing a weapon(as part of an attack)
• Withdrawing a potion, a rope, or other piece
of equipment from a pack(you can now drink a potion! and do something like attack! potions are now useful)
• Pushing open an unsecured and unstuck door
• Pulling a door closed while passing through it
• Picking up a small item
• Dropping an item
• Tipping over a flimsy piece of furniture

Finesse Weapons: A finesse weapon is
lightweight and easy to handle. You can substitute
your Dexterity modifier for your Strength modifier
for the attack rolls and damage rolls you make
while using a finesse weapon.
These include:
Katana 1d8 slashing 3 lb. Two-handed Sword
Short sword
Spiked chain

Hand crossbow is now a simple weapon not exotic

Hidden bonus that i will implement on occasion. This is in the form of something to keep you on your toes to think smart. If you are clever and it would help you.. It could be a major difference. Also.. It works the other way around.

Crawl: Unless you stand up, crawling is your
only option for movement while you remain prone.
Every 5 feet you crawl costs 5 extra feet of

Your ability scores allow you to do all kinds of
things not covered by the other actions in this
section, such as breaking down doors, swinging on
chandeliers, sliding down railings, collapsing
pillars, intimidating your enemies, sensing
weaknesses in magical defenses, or calling for a
parley with a foe. The only limits to the actions you
can take are your imagination and your ability
When you describe an action not detailed
elsewhere in the rules, the DM tells you whether
that action is possible and what kind of check you
need to make, if any, to determine success or

You die when your hit points drop to a negative
number that equals your Constitution score plus
your character level. If you’re 5th level and have a
14 Constitution, for example, you die when your
hit points drop to –19.

More added later…

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